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Learning Skills Research Foundation launches think tank


Learning Skills Research Foundation is an independent charitable organisation devoted to improving the quality of learning. It raises funds for scientific research, public lectures and policy development in the revolutionary field of educational neuroscience and for other academic research programmes that will lead to the discovery of new learning techniques.

We focus on ‘how people learn’ as opposed to ‘what people learn’. We are closely engaged with the Centre for Educational Neuroscience (CEN) and others working in the fields of neuroscience and education with the principal aim of providing a bridge between the latest academic discoveries about how the brain functions and the teaching community.

We work to promote vital dialogue that will enhance understanding of the underlying processes of how brains encode learning of new information and concepts. This will allow us to shape education for all in the future based on universal, evidence-based principles rather than constantly changing theories and policies of the day.

Our aim is to come up with practical solutions and we have established Learnus® as a think tank to pave the way.

"Every young person should leave school with a firm grasp of literacy and numeracy, and the employability skills which will help them find a good job. But despite the best efforts of the education system, employers still find too many young people lack these basic abilities. I warmly support the efforts of the Learning Skills Research Foundation in helping young people develop skills to their full potential."

The Late Dame Helen Alexander DBE, Chancellor of the University of Southampton

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